Incontinent Supplies

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Absorbent pads may be used to manage any form of incontinence, pads are made to absorb fluid faster, so they keep you dry and comfortable.

These Waterproof Flannel and Rubber Sheets protect bedding from moisture. The soft cotton flannel is bonded to non-allergenic synthetic rubber which makes it extremely soft and comfortable against your skin. Finished in a neutral white color to go with any room. Machine washable Latex Free. Dim  

A bedpan is a receptacle used for the toileting of a bedridden patient in a health care facility or at home

People with medical conditions which cause them to experience urinary or fecal incontinence often require diapers because they are unable to control their bladders or bowels.

Helps protect clothes and bed linens from leakage. Designed to be used with pads, diapers, reusables and other absorbent materials

Provides soothing rectal and perineal soaking therapy

Underpad helps eliminate waste and has multi-layered sheet with high levels of absorbency.

Ideal for individuals with urge incontinence, bed bound, or those in  wheelchairs.

Washcloths are disposable cleansing wipes that are soft, smooth and gentle on delicate skin.