Braces & Support

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Abdominal binders provide support and compression to abdominal muscles weakened by strain without restricting breathing or muscle redevelopment.

Ankle Brace provides medial and lateral support to stabilize the ankle joint for faster recovery and healing of tender soft tissues.

Ankle support provides support with flexibility. Indicated for support of weak ankles or minor sprains.

Precise immobilization and maximum comfort. Crossed ankle straps for improved stabilization.

Provides the ideal in therapeutic support -- conforming compression without restricting circulation.

Arm Sling comfortably supports the weight of the arm following injury or surgical treatment of the arm, hand or shoulder and can be worn with or without a cast.

Provides lifting support. Helps protect workers from back injury during lifting and straining activities.

Provides protection for walking casts. Promotes a normal gait

Cervical collars, is used for minor neck pain, musclepain, and cervical strain

Pulls shoulders back to align clavicle fractures.

For swollen or tender elbows resulting from sprains, strains, overuse or sports injuries like tennis and golfer's elbow.

Helps relieve pain from muscular overuse caused by work, sports or injury.

To stabilizes fractures of the distal phalanx. To treat transverse fractures of the phalanges. For total finger immobilization

Indicated to correct foot drop during ambulation in patients with neurological deficit.

The Grip Splint WHFO (Wrist Hand Finger Orthosis) maintains a neutral position of the hand to reduce wrist flexion and increase extension of the fingers, preventing finger flexion and damage to the palmar skin.