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Wraparound design is ideal for tender, swollen or injured knees with a quick, easy application

Ideal for walking or light activities. Provides medial and lateral stabilization.

Neoprene knee sleeve with durable steel hinged reinforcements allow for flexion limiting medial/lateral movement with a 180º hyperextension stop.

Lateral and medial stays increase stability. Immobilization is created with contoured posterior stays.

Movable medial and lateral stays can be placed in desired position

Provides therapeutic support by conforming compression without restricting circulation.

Provides therapeutic warmth and support around the joint to speed healing.

Standard pullover neoprene knee sleeve

Ideal for use on swollen or tender knees resulting from sprains, strains, injuries, arthritis or post-operative rehabilitation

Neoprene sleeve with four flexible spiral stays for added medial/lateral stability.

Durable knitted elastic provides support with flexibility