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Absorbent Pads / Liners

  • Absorbent pads may be used to manage any form of incontinence.
  • Absorbent products are items that absorb urine, such as adult diapers, plastic-coated underwear, pads, or panty liners that attach to underwear.
  • Bladder control pads are made to absorb fluid faster, so they keep you dry and comfortable.
  • And they are designed to reduce the odor of urine.
  • Highly absorbent pads means less frequent changes.
  • Pads include adhesive strip.
  • Offer protection from larger surges and feature discreet, cup-shaped protection where need it most.
  • To use, simply remove the wrapper and peel off the paper strip
  • Style – Adheres inside underwear or brief
  • Sizing – One size fits all