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Hibiclens Anti-Septic / Anti-Microbial


Hibiclens antiseptic skin cleanser is strong enough to kill germs that live on the skin but gentle enough for routine family hand washing. Hibiclens begins killing germs on contact2.

Hibiclens is the #1 pharmacist-recommended antibacterial soap.3

Unlike regular soaps, Hibiclens not only begins killing germs immediately, it bonds with the skin and keeps on killing germs that live on the skin, even after washing. Chlorhexidine gluconate (CHG) provides extended protection against a wide range of bacteria.

Who needs Hibiclens?

Caregivers – Protect yourself and your patient with an antiseptic that begins killing germs on contact.

Pre/post-operative – Many hospitals and care centers recommend the use of Hibiclens prior to procedures and once back home again to protect against surgical site infections (SSIs).