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Shoe Cover

  • As with most personal protective equipment (PPE), the type of item you use is first based on the potential hazard(s) you face during the work day.
  • Medical professionals aren’t the only ones who have to occasionally wear disposable shoe covers.  In many cases, visitors to the hospital have to wear some to protect their loved one from any outside contaminations.  As with the case of a C-section birth, the father or companion to the mother is asked to dress in not only disposable shoe covers, but also an assortment of sterile items like lab coats and scrub hats.  People visiting loved ones with serious illnesses like HIV infection, any problems with the immune system, and possibly heart issues might be asked to accordingly suit up as well.
  • Other professions make use of disposable shoe covers as well.  Some factory and industrial work requires workers to wear them as a way to keep the product safe and clean.  Food service workers, especially those in hospitals or nursing homes, may find the blue elf looking covers are part of the deal as well.
  • For the most part, disposable shoe covers come in one size fits all.
  • Breathable fluid-repellent spunbond polypropylene materia
  • Serged seam structure
  • Non-skid bottoms

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