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Seat Lift


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  • Helps keep people active and independent
  • Self powered: hydro-pneumatic gas spring releases slowly as the user begins to stand. No batteries needed.
  • Lifts only as needed, allowing users to maintain muscular strength
  • Perfect for any person that needs assistance to sit or stand due to insufficinet upper or lower body stength, Arthritis, Parkinson’s Muscular Dystrophy, Post Op conditions
  • Perfect for caregiverrs who need help transferring patients or family memebers
  • Provides up to 70% lift assistance
  • Use in or outside the home on most armchairs or sofas
  • Self-powered, uses no electricity or batteries
  • The Affordable Alternative to a Lift Chair
  • It’s Portable, Affordable and It Works
  • When flexing the seat, right-handed people can use their left forearm and body weight to arch the seat on a stable surface and engage the piston with their right hand.