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Packing Gauze Strips

  • Wound packing is performed by clinical staff for substantial wounds that are deep or tunnel under the skin.
  • The wound filler is often made of a sterile gauze or foam that is designed to be inserted into the wound bed to soak up blood and other exudate material for a better healing environment.
  • Some of the gauze used in the packing material is impregnated with medication or other substances to prevent necrotic tissue and other unwanted cell growth and micro-organisms that will interfere with healthy progress.

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Iodoform …


  • Iodoform gauze is a saturated gauze fabric that uses the antimicrobial and healing properties of iodoform.
  • Iodoform gauze dressings are often used in clinical settings for patients who have infected wounds that may have build-up of necrotic or dead tissue.