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Neurological Hammers


Neurological hammer  is intended to elicit patellar reflexes as well as myotatic reflexes. 


Taylor Percussion Hammer

  • This percussion hammer was developed by neurologist John Madison Taylor and is intended to elicit patellar reflexes as well as myotatic reflexes.
  • The handle features a tapered tip designed to elicit plantar reflexes.
  • Features a PVC bumper and a 7.5″ chrome plated handle.


Buck Neurological Hammer

  • This neurological hammer is designed to elicit myotatic reflexes and neurological responses.
  • Features include a removable neurological pin and brush as well as Dual PVC bumpers for reflex tests. 6.75″ handle length.


Queen Square Hammer & Babinski Telescoping Reflex Hammer



Queen Square Hammer … 

  • Developed at the National Hospital for Neurology in Queen Square London, this hammer is perfectly suited for eliciting a full range of reflexes.
  • Features a Tapered handle base which enables plantar reflex testing.
  • The bumper ring is made of durable PVC plastic.


Babinski Telescoping Reflex Hammer …

  • This Telescoping reflex hammer was created by neurologist Joseph Babinski and features a 14″ telescoping handle, and PVC plastic bumper ring.
  • This hammer enables different percussion forces and the tapered handle base allows for plantar reflex testing.