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Measuring Tools


Measuring tools and gadgets are used by medical professional to accurately measure and monitor patients; measure height, length, weight, circumference, limbs, and body fat, with many options to choose, from simple and affordable, to highest quality precision.


CardioMeter … 

Pocket-size ruler for interpreting EKG waveforms. Made from heavy-gauge clear plastic for greater durability.


EKG Caliper … 

Designed to measure electrocardiogram waveforms. Features a plastic protective cover with molded ruler to aid with measurements.


Eye Chart …

Designed to measure visual acuity at a distance. Intended to be placed 6 feet away from viewer. Chart dimensions 18.5cm x 10cm.

 measure-5-goniometer measure-4-goniometer

Goniometer …

Designed to measure the range of motion in the joints. Measures a full 360 degree range in single degree increments. Features an imprinted guide for gauging angles. Measures in both inches and centimeters. Conforms to ISOM measuring standards. Made of heavy-gauge clear plastic for greater durability.

measure-6-medimeter     pen-light-3 pen-light-1

MediMeter …

Pocket-size medical ruler in inches and centimeters. Features imprinted wound diameter gauge and pupil dilation gauge. Made from heavy-gauge clear plastic for greater durability.