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Lymphedema Garments


Treating Lymphedema using Compression Garments and
Compression Stockings

Lymphedema can’t be cured. Treatment focuses on minimizing the swelling and controlling the pain. Lymphedema is a chronic disease that tends to progress. Without adequate therapy, Stage I, which is characterized by swelling from accumulation of high protein edema fluid, will progress to Stage II with fibrosis and reproduction of fatty tissue, and possibly even to the elephantiasis of Stage III. Treatment for lymphedema varies depending on the severity of the edema and the degree of fibrosis of the affected limb. Most people with lymphedema follow a daily regimen of treatment as suggested by their physician or certified lymphedema therapist. The most common treatments for lymphedema are a combination of direct lymphatic massage, lymphatic exercise, daytime and nighttime compression garments or compression bandaging and the use of intermittent sequential gradient pumps.

Elastic compression garments are worn by a person with lymphedema on the affected limb following complete decongestive therapy to maintain edema reduction and to compress the arm or leg and encourage the flow of lymph fluid out of the affected limb.

JOBST Custom Seamed ensures the precise level of compression through a unique gradient profile based on the patient’s individual limb circumference and length. Custom Seamed can be manufactured in a wide variety of specific styles and options for greater patient compliance.

Product Features

  • Durable fabric for long lasting wear
  • Precise gradent compression based on computer design
  • Variety of configurations suitable for unusually shaped limbs
  • Variety of options such as zippers, linings, silicone and more


  • Armsleeve
  • Gauntlet
  • Glove

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