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  • The TheraBand System of Progressive Exercise includes products designed specifically for hand rehabilitation, including the Hand Exerciser and Progressive Hand Trainer.
  • TheraBand® Hand Exercisers are specially formulated exercisers provided in a progressive sequence of five translucent colors and in two sizes.
  • They’re used for hand, finger and forearm strengthening, as well as hot and cold therapy.
  • The softer yellow and red models fill the gap between putty and spring devices while being much less messy than putty.
  • Progressive resistance in the different levels of compression allow each exercise to be geared to the client.
  • Can be warmed in a microwave or chilled in a freezer for hot or cold therapeutic use.

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Color Guide:

  • Yellow, Extra Soft
  • Red, Soft
  • Green, Medium
  • Blue, Firm
  • Black, Extra Firm