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Medical gloves are used during sensitive procedures.

  • Examination gloves (non sterile or sterile).
  • Surgical gloves that have specific characteristics of thickness, elasticity and strength and are sterile
  • Rationale for using medical gloves: Medical gloves are recommended to be worn for two main reasons:
  • To reduce the risk of contamination of health-care workers hands with blood and other body fluids.
  • To reduce the risk of germ dissemination to the environment and of transmission from the health-care worker to the patient and vice versa, as well as from one patient to another.

  • Latex Gloves are made of material – Low Protein Natural Rubber Latex. Due to the increasing rate of latex allergy
  • among health professionals, and in the general population, gloves made of non-latex materials are widely used.
  • Nitrile Gloves feature dependable strength and chemical resistance. Comfortable and secure even during difficult procedures.
  • Synthetic Vinyl Gloves are a cost-effective alternative that are ideal for general patient care.
  • Stretch Vinyl Gloves are an advanced formulation stretch vinyl that conform to the hands for excellent sensitivity when touch is critical.

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