Wound Care

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Medical gloves are used more often during surgery and other sensitive procedures.

Hydrocolloid dressings is impermeable to bacteria and other contaminants, self-adherent and mold well.

Hydrogel is a wound dressing that covers a cut in the skin to help the skin heal.

Provides effective protection against microbial contamination.

Elastic sport tape for pain management and support

Wound packing is made of a sterile gauze that is designed to be inserted into the wound bed to soak up blood and other exudation material for a better healing environment.

Highly breathable to maintain skin integrity. Holds well on damp skin.

Ideal for wound care, ostomy and fecal incontinence collectors

Dressing retainer with Grid guidelines and Split liner.

Silver Wound Gel is a silver wound dressing for lightly draining wounds that are in need of an antimicrobial barrier.

Removing Staples With a Staple Remover

Removing Sutures (Stitches) With a Suture Remover

Tegaderm is a transparent medical dressing can be used to cover and protect wounds and catheter sites.  

Transparent tapes are most frequently used so that the wound site or primary wound dressing can be observed without removing any of the tape on the skin.

  • Unna boot is a compression dressing made by wrapping layers, often used to protect an ulcer or open wound.