Aids to Daily Living

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Ready to use. Patented, one piece design transfers massaging action directly to hair and scalp

  • Step Securely Into Your Doorway
  • Designed to help you climb steps with ease- indoors or out

For easier transfer of less mobile and frail people. Transfer bar option for little/no leg strength. Bill-Ray Home Mobility offers an over the bed trapeze system for getting in/ out of bed. Our sturdy bed trapeze helps improve bed mobility for the frail elderly, Parkinsons, MS, stroke, & neuropathy. Transfer bar option for little/no leg strength.

Reachers are ideal for people with limited range of motion or difficulty bending.

Perfect for any person that needs assistance to sit or stand due to insufficinet upper or lower body stength, Arthritis, Parkinson's Muscular Dystrophy, Post Op conditions

Ideal for bed use,  to wash a loved one who has limited mobility.

Shoe horn helps people with a limited range of motion slip into shoes without bending, bruising heels or crushing the backs of the shoes.

Sock Helper With Handles assists in putting on socks, compression or regular stockings and pantyhose.

Helps transfer patients from wheelchair, bed, chair or commode

Ideal for those with dexterity issues or a weakened grip.

Washcloths are disposable cleansing wipes that are soft, smooth and gentle on delicate skin.

Make opening and closing buttons and pulling zippers easier